Melbourne House

Your comfort is our goal. We have created a restful retreat that you can think of as your home away from home when you’re in the area. We offer services for any traveller, whether you’re on business or your journey is for pleasure. When you plan your visit, consider us for your stay.

We are conveniently located, and our rooms feature beautiful décor and all the amenities you could need. To enquire about booking accommodation for either a Double or Twin Bedded Room and any other enquiries. please either use the contact form, or Tel: 01629 815357 Mob: 07792488857

Item Name Price
Double Room price per room From £75
Twinn Bedded Room price per room From £75
Single occupancy (double room) price per room From £55

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@bakewellbandb Oct 21, 10:31

@GlennBBC @theSNP @BBCNews ask English to vote & they will get victory for independence

@bakewellbandb Oct 17, 02:37

@lbc #lbc god help us if Corbyn ever gets in, you could help him with the sing along keep the red flag flying

@bakewellbandb Oct 15, 08:48

@lbc #lbc Andrew why wasn't Ched Evens sex life brought up, is he squeaky clean. John

@bakewellbandb Sep 25, 16:06

Hi JB why not call your new restaurant Tweedies

@bakewellbandb Sep 15, 12:48

Thank goodness that Mel & Sue are quitting can't watch when they are they're not funny at all

@bakewellbandb Sep 11, 01:14

@lbc #lbc would you say the same if it was a Tory MP ??? John

@bakewellbandb Sep 05, 09:15

@lbc #lbc k Vas being in office, doesn't he leave himself open to being blackmailed by these ret boys . John in Bakewell

@bakewellbandb Jul 23, 11:40

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Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!

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Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!

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Ed Vaizey ends role as Communications Minister the water too hot

@bakewellbandb Jul 11, 14:53

@LBC @mrjamesob typical. re-mainer talk down the country at every opportunity, the country voted out accept it

@bakewellbandb Jul 10, 10:54

@lbc #lbcyour last caller Carl is he Australian

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@lbc #lbc if Nicola sturgeon stays (Scotland) in the EU Do they have to have the Euro,?

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@BBCPolitics @BBCNews Jo out of her comfort zone with Alex

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#reinstate tTonyBlackburn

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Dame Janet Smith Report why Tony Blackburn was fire via @BBCNews

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@lbc #lbc why don't you ask listeners if you were out at the present moment. Would you vote to go in

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@lbc #lbc why ask for people option when you don't want to hear if it's different from yours, and if it is belittle them

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@lbc #lbc taxes from Google are from the time when Labour were in power and are from company taxes. Not personal taxes. John

@bakewellbandb Feb 01, 01:34

@lbc #lbc Darren do you know that over 50% of council tax goes towards council pensions

@bakewellbandb Nov 29, 20:29

Simon hold ur ear lobes and get someone to give u a drink of water

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@VictoriaLIVE @BBCNews @annamason9 no all cyclists should have insurance, and maybe they will be more responsible

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@AcesWalling @BBCWalesNews perhaps you could join him, if you can't think of anything positive to say

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